Android Mobile App Downloader.

Terms of Use

Dear user, android phone mobile app launching is a greate idea for handling digital task in few time and an easy way. This application has all features as web browsers. It may be happen some features or display errors according to device type and resolutions. Please be patience we are continue to providing a clear and error less layout for any devices. Our application development team is trying to provide best app for our customer for sharing their business with us.

Application user can share their experience with us by giving their feedback. This application is developed for web browsers. Different type of browser has its own features nad services, so opening app in different browser may change their interface or layout differently. Please use a suitable and trusted web browser for your surfing experience.

Our application is available on google play. You can also download it from Google Play Store

Download Link For Android 4.0 & above >>

Other Mobile User Interface.

How to Use Shortcuts

Dear user, it is not necessary to develop app for every device. So please other type of devices rather then android can save our online shopping web bookmark as shortcut to their home screen for accessing our shopping portal instantly.

Save Bookmark as Homepage Shortcut :

  • 1. Open device default web browser. (Not UC Web Browser)
  • 2. Search our website in Google or Type in your browser url address.
  • 3. Find browser setting and click on save bookmark.
  • 4. Give our website name to your new bookmark and save as home screen.
  • 5. Else go to home screen and import bookmark as shortcut.