About Us

StoreCity.in online shopping website is created to provide services and goods to local customers from local suppliers and service providers. As it is impossible to reaches every potential customer for a business as well as for client based services. Here we are working to make it possible for both ends because online shopping is the way, which is secure, faster and easy to handle. StoreCity.in is a service provider company which provides e-commerce and shipping service for city stores. StoreCity.in is a place where all type of stores provides their sales or service simultaneously. A high opportunely to sell or service for all small, medium and large scale business. Customer buy item according to each item price, detail and terms & conditions mention by its seller. StoreCity.in gets promote their seller items and store custom ads for increase their sales and revenues.

Approach Behind

We developed an integrated online store where a seller can sell their products, provide their service. It is a market place for all sellers where a buyer can select any item/service according to their choice between various sellers and a large list of item type and category. A seller can provide their all stored items list to their store’s customer for explore and buy them form online. Seller can use its item list webpage address (url) like a website and provide online sales for own regular customers.

The approach behind is to provide online selling experience for all type of stores available in market. The can also provide online shopping to their customers. A simple question is here “WHY STORECITY.IN REGISTRATION IS SO CHIPPER?” Answer: - Clearly we upload all item in a single site StoreCity.in and then provide that items shopping to our registered store’s integrated webpage / sub domain / and custom sore domain name. Means all items are uploaded into one place and its shopping are provided from various places. Even StoreCity.in also sellouts its seller item and made promote its seller and those items so each seller get new customer. StoreCity.in registration is really beneficial for those sellers who really want to sell their products online and want to come in e-commerce market. It is a new way of selling items online. It will more popular in next few years and all local business has to provide its products or services online.

Features on StoreCity.in

Now these days online shopping in trend and maximum new generation and home lady are making order online. Online shopping has various reasons to made popular like busy life, customer purchasing power, maximum item Varity, one place all item availability, price difference from other, easy home delivery, easy item returns, new offer and schemes, and cheaper then market price so on.

A market big change difference in front of us since last 5-10 years of online shopping and it really change the customer mind. It is grateful think if we accept that change and participate with its way of selling (new technique, online shopping).

We are providing a new featured online shopping technique for your local business and its benefits are described below :-


using latest technology

Best Support

always ready for customer help

In Budget

services price are affordable